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I like this picture of Eric taken at our Spring Family Fun Day:

Family Fun Day 2009 072

Cookie and Red

Our VBS at South Park will have a western theme this year.  Here’s one of the Bible stories, thinly disguised as a western.  Note: try thinking the rhythm with a little flexibility. 🙂

A long time ago in the wild, wild west
Lived a man and his wife–Isaac and Beck.

God blessed their lives and doubled their joy
With the arrival of twin baby boys.

Red was the oldest and favored by Dad.
Cookie came second–he was Mom’s lad.

Years passed, and the two grew older, you see.
But, closer?–Well, just between you and me…

Cookie was jealous of his brother, and
Red, as the oldest, would get all the land–

The land, the horses, and all of the cattle
Were Red’s to inherit, along with Dad’s saddle.

Then came the day when Red’s stomach was growling
He’d been hunting coyotes–foll’wing their howling.

All day he’d been gone, and all the night, too.
And he was so hungry for Cookie’s best stew.

But, Cookie was tricky and jumped at the chance
To trade stew for his brother’s inheritance.

But that was not all Cookie had up his sleeve.
He bided his time, saw his brother leave,

And through cunning disguise, before his blind Dad,
Cook took Red’s blessing that Red should’ve had.

Red’s anger turned hot! His face matched his name.
He yelled and he screamed, “My brother’s to blame!”

When Cook’s deed was done and he’d stolen Red’s blessing,
He didn’t take part in any confessing.

He found his old horse and jumped onto its back.
He rode off in the sunset with only his pack.

Now, all these events took place years ago,
But the whole town’s a-buzzin’ with news—is it so?

Some say Cookie’s back and that Red’s none too pleased.
Word says they’re to meet on Main Street this eve.

But, wait–are those horse’s hooves that I hear?
Why, I think that’s Cook. Haven’t seen him in years.

And, look! See that cloud of dust over yon?
I think that’s Red with both his guns drawn.

Both men have paused at each end of the street.
Town’s silent as death as these two brothers meet.

The sun’s blazing down; a bird gives a cry.
There goes a tumble-weed driftin’ by.

Red makes the first move–comes running towards Cook!
–I’ve not seen this in a Louis Lamour book–

Just almost when Cookie thought he was dead,
Red threw out his arms and hugged him instead!

They’re laughing now—listen!–as if it’s a joke!
But, we’re flabbergasted with lumps in our throats!

Who would have thought that two brothers so mad
Could find forgiveness and forget all the bad?

And, look—ain’t it somethin’? Ain’t that so neat?
They’re kneeling together to pray on Main Street.

I guess that just shows if we need to forgive
We need to ask God, and His help He’ll give.



Christmas with the Englund side of the family was great fun with lots of food and presents!  My favorite part of the day was when Travis & Eric gave their parents the shelf they had built.  Eric really enjoyed this project, and it looked really nice!


In January we had a special service at South Park for Karson’s dedication (see above) and for Travis, who was getting ready to leave for the Air Force.  We also got a pretty nifty Englund family pic, but that’ll have to be for another post (as I think it’s still on the camera and I’m feeling lazy).

Travis did leave on January 27, and most of us went to MEPS and watched him get sworn in.  We hear that boot camp is not the most fun (to put it mildly) and that Travis will be in the marching band at graduation.  (So, maybe those saxophone lessons have finally paid off!)

On another note–my sis-in-law Sharon is growing (in a cute, pregnant kind of way)!  I’m really looking forward to another nephew in a couple of months.  (Eric tried to convince her that she has twins, but I think she chose to believe the sonograms.)

Speaking of Eric….(drum roll, please)….today’s his birthday!  I am blessed and grateful.

Now, for something totally off subject: I love hearing Zach talk.  He is saying many more words now, including counting (a little) and saying the color “orange.”  It’s also pretty cute at the table when he speaks of his favorite vegetable, “bean-beans.”

Oh, and one more thing…we think Karson is a super-cute baby!  What do you think?


Scenes from Christmas Day

We spent Christmas Day with my side of the family.  We started out with an early breakfast, opened presents, and ate all day!  At 19 months, Zach was very fun this year. 

We even had a white Christmas–a definite plus!

How blessed I am.





Zach opening one of our presents--a John Deere semi & tractor

Dad looking at the Indian calendar we gave him


Mom was a good hostess! Such nice presents and yummy food!

Mom was a good hostess! Such nice presents and yummy food!




Who says sledding is just for kids?


It is true that another December 25th is almost past.  But, not to worry–we get to celebrate with the Englunds tomorrow!

Merry Christmas!



Christmas Eve found Eric & I with my family and Aunt Melba at McDonald’s on the Plaza.  The lights were pretty, and it was fun to see the horse-drawn carriages again.  Afterwards, Eric & I had our Christmas together, and then we joined Eric’s dad for an 11:00 p.m. Christmas Eve service at Country Club Christian Church, which included the Kansas City Brass.

Now it is Christmas Day Eve.  I’m reminded again of just how magical this time of year is. 

Hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas!


Our Fair City


There’s no denying it–I have a warm spot in my heart for Kansas City.

Eric took this picture from the Liberty Memorial on our little anniversary stay-at-home-trip.  We went to Union Station (pictured above–I love this building!), ate at a 50s-style cafe there, toured the World War I museum at Liberty Memorial (very cool!), and watched Professional Bull Riding at Kemper Arena on a Saturday.  We even played hooky from church Sunday morning (where Eric leads singing and I plink around on the organ) and visited a large church south of us.

This just goes to show that you don’t always have to travel a long ways to do new things and “get away.”  But, don’t expect me to ignore the traveling bug every time!

Christmas is coming!

Boxes covered the bed, styrofoam “flakes” dusted the living room floor like snow.  Eric came home from class tonight to a mess.

No, we’re not moving.  I just decided that it was high time I got some Christmas decorations out!

So, as I sit at the desk, I can look into the painted faces of Mary, Joseph, and each character of the manger scene.  A Christmas swag, complete with poinsettias, cinnamon sticks, and pine cones, hangs to my left.  Our two snowmen stockings are waiting to be filled.

And, my fat Christmas penguin stands at the front door, ready to greet all those who enter.  (He happens to be one of my favorites!)

There is, however, an important decoration still conspicuously absent….  After a couple of hours of decorating tonight, I still have not wrestled the Christmas tree box into the living room.  I know, I know–it’s already December 2, but we have some pre-lit-tree-issues to resolve.

Let’s hope there’s a tree for Santa to put presents under on Christmas Eve!

A cheery--but fat--penguin all bundled up for winter!

Zach the Elephant


Here’s a cute picture of Zach on Halloween.  Take special note of the cars–one in each hand.  He LOVES cars, wheels, four-wheelers, tractors, etc.  My parents and I are pretty sure that Zach is a budding genius-mechanic, but of course we’re not prejudiced or anything.

This costume is one Sharon’s mom bought for him last year.  So, it was simple coincidence that Zach was dressed up as an elephant just a few days before the election.  I actually don’t think Greg & Sharon had even thought about it until one of their neighbors pointed it out.

When they sent me this picture, they said, “A budding Republican…”

A Date to Remember

    Our lives are made up of many ordinary days.  But, every once in a while, a beautiful day graces our lives and changes us forever.

    Two years ago today was such a day…

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Happy Anniversary to Us!

A Family Mystery

    “Have you seen Zach’s shirt?” Mom asked.  “You need to see it.”

    Hmmm…Zach’s shirt, eh?  At first, there was just something I needed to see at Greg and Sharon’s house.  (At which time, Mom related her speculations to me.)  Now there was a shirt I needed to see…Zach’s shirt, to be exact.  Hmmm.

    Time passed, but the mystery remained.  I had to tell Mom (when she asked again) that, no, I still had not seen Zach’s shirt.  (After which time, Mom forwarded me an email that gave the mystery totally away; couldn’t have my cousin spreading the news without me even knowing it!)

    More time passed and Greg and Sharon were soon to leave on their vacation.  I could no longer delay!  I must see Zach’s shirt!

    So, I invited myself over, interrupted their supper the night before they left, and read to them a little poem: (ahem)

There’s a rumor I have heard–
‘Twas told me by a little bird–
About the coming of another
Friend for Zach, a sis or brother.

My excitement will mount high
When Number Two’s arrival’s nigh.
But for now it would not hurt
To see the proof of Zach’s shirt.

    Now, do you know what it said?  (Drumroll, please.)  Zach’s going to be a big brother!  Hooray!

    (Um, just in case you didn’t follow: THAT MEANS I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNT AGAIN!) 

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